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Our Complete Laser Suite!


Hair Laser Removal is the most common laser service!

Did you know our own Rutledge Forney, MD was involved in the early clinical trials for hair lasers?  In this video she discusses the ins and outs of hair laser removal. Also, since the filming of this video we have added the G-Max Hair Laser to our collection.  This has the newest technology and can be used to treat hair on all skin types.


For a sagging chin or drooping eyes Exilis is one of the best non-invasive treatments!

“There are lots of people who have had plastic surgery and find time marches on…and young people who want to be proactive with skin tightening...(watch the video for more)” -Dr. Forney  


Vbeam Laser is the treatment for red ruddy faces!

“Developed by a dermatologist to help with port wine stain birthmarks…the advantage for us is the same technology helps with redness from vessels, sun damage, and rosacea…(watch the video)” -Rutledge Forney, MD  


Fraxel is the gold standard for improving the quality of the skin.

“For many people It is not the drape of the skin, but the quality of the skin itself…(watch the video)” -Rutledge Forney, MD    


Photofacial technology or IPL gets rid of those pesky brown age spots!

“It was the very first laser treatment I had in the early 2000s, and it was a bit of a revelation for me, frankly…(watch the video)” -Rutledge Forney, MD    


CoolSculpting and Vanquish are the cutting edge laser body contouring options.

“In dermatology, our scientists have taken on one thing after another and currently our new frontier is fat…(watch the video)” -Rutledge Forney, MD Also, read our vanquish blogs here.   


PicoSure is the premier technology in tattoo removal.  

If you are interested in an individualized price quote for removing your tattoo and before and after pics visit ourwebsite here.  Be sure to read through the whole page, including a video of the treatment.  Read our PicoSure Blogs here. For Rutledge Forney, MD’s comprehensive thoughts on anti-aging procedures read her blog here.