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The Art and Science of Beautiful Skin.


The Art and Science of Beautiful Skin.



Located in Buckhead, East Cobb, Midtown, and serving the surrounding areas of Atlanta and Marietta, Dermatology Affiliates offers treatment for melasma to those who desire to correct skin discolorations through medical dermatology. A common skin disorder, melasma’s most common symptom is patches of brown discoloration on the face. It is most prevalent in women during their reproductive years and typically visible on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and upper lip. Sun exposure, birth control pills, and fluctuation in hormones due to pregnancy can all trigger the disorder.


Melasma FAQ

Melasma appears as patches of skin that are darker than the affected person’s normal skin tone. Usually on the face, the patches range from tan to brown and sometimes appear with a grayish tint. On occasion, symptoms may appear on the forearms or neck.

Nearly all people who suffer from melasma are women. Pregnant women often suffer from the disorder, as well as women who use patches or oral contraceptives. Other factors include:

  • Being pre-menopausal
  • Living in sunny areas
  • Having a naturally darkened skin tone
  • Undergoing hormone replacement therapy
  • Family history
  • Allergies to certain medication or cosmetics

Some women who have thyroid disorders also experience melasma.

A doctor diagnoses melasma with a simple clinical examination and a review of the patient’s history.

Many women find that melasma’s discoloration fades after pregnancy or after discontinuing any hormone-related medication. When melasma does not fade on its own, patients can opt for topical medications and chemical peels that reduce or remove the discoloration of the skin. Aggressive sun protection is vital to fighting melasma.

To date, no laser treatment gives lasting results for melasma. In fact, laser treatment can exacerbate melasma.

The length of the treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition and which treatment the patient uses. After your consultation, we will have a more detailed plan for your procedure, including an estimated time for completion.

The cost for our melasma treatments will vary with each patient’s condition is unique. The type of procedure you choose will also have a bearing on the cost. We are happy to discuss your financial options with you during your consultation.

The first step toward treating melasma is to schedule a private consultation with one of our skilled, board-certified dermatologists. We will discuss the best treatment for you. Please call our offices to schedule your appointment. The board-certified dermatologists and staff at Dermatology Affiliates always provide personalized care for our patients. We ensure our patients enjoy optimum skin health by using the most advanced technologies in the industry to treat their melasma. In turn, you will have restored self-confidence. To receive more information or schedule your appointment, contact us today. We serve the Atlanta and Marietta areas.

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