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Body Sculpting Treatments

Increase your confidence with a body sculpting treatments at Dermatology Affiliates.

Body Sculpting Treatments

Increase your confidence with a body sculpting treatment at Dermatology Affiliates.

Body Sculpting

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting, also referred to as body contouring, is a broad term used to describe a wide range of aesthetic treatments designed to reshape and improve the appearance of your body. Through advanced body sculpting procedures, the providers at Dermatology Affiliates help patients look and feel like their best self by helping them achieve their body goals. 

Do you struggle with those last 10 pounds that seem to stay right where you’d really like to see perfectly defined and toned muscles? Visit our providers and let us help you find the best body sculpting treatment to help you achieve the perfectly toned and fit physique you’ve been working so hard for.


Body Sculpting FAQs

Learn more about body sculpting by reading through our helpful FAQs section below. Our experienced providers explain how body sculpting works, who it is right for, how long results last, and the different types of body sculpting procedures we offer in Atlanta, Georgia. 

At Dermatology Affiliates, we offer Exilis Skin Tightening, Kybella, SmartLipo, and EMSculpt Neo, to help patients look and feel their best. If you have questions about a treatment or would like to learn more about which may be right for you, we recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced providers.

This depends on the type of body sculpting treatment, as they all work in different ways to help patients achieve their goals. Here is a brief overview of how our body sculpting treatments work:

  • Exilis Skin Tightening Uses radio frequency energy to shrink fat cells and stimulate collagen for tighter skin.
  • Kybella – Deoxycholic acid injections destroy fat cells to deliver a tighter, more contoured figure.
  • SmartLipo – Minimally-invasive form of liposuction that uses heat to shrink stubborn pockets of fat which are then suctioned out of the body.
  • EMSculpt Neo – Uses radiofrequency and high intensity focused electro-magnetic (HIFEM) energies to eliminate fat and build muscle.

When administered by an experienced professional, such as the providers at Dermatology Affiliates in Atlanta, body sculpting procedures are very safe. Plus, these treatments are minimally-invasive, so you can expect minor incisions, minimal tissue damage, and fast healing. 

This depends on the type of body sculpting treatment. In most cases, pain is minimal but some mild discomfort is normal. When scheduling a body sculpting treatment at Dermatology Affiliates, your provider will discuss with you what you can expect in terms of procedure discomfort. 

Some body sculpting treatments actually remove fat from the body, such as SmartLipo, while others focus on shrinking or destroying fat cells to contour your figure. 

Body sculpting is right for individuals who are close to their ideal weight and have stubborn pockets of fat or loose skin that does not respond to diet or exercise. For example, this could be stubborn fat on the stomach, thighs, and arms, or loose skin and excess fat on the neck and under the chin. 

To find out if body sculpting is right for you, we recommend contacting our clinic and scheduling a consultation. Our providers can build you a personalized treatment plan that helps you reach your goals.

The longevity of body sculpting results varies from person to person. To maintain your results, we recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a positive mindset. 


Body Sculpting Photos

See how body sculpting is performed and how it can transform your figure by browsing the body sculpting photos below. Results may vary. 


Find Body Sculpting near Atlanta, Georgia

If you are ready to beautifully shape and contour your figure with body sculpting, contact Dermatology Affiliates and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced providers. We look forward to helping you look and feel your best through innovative body sculpting treatments and techniques. 

Schedule your body sculpting treatment in Atlanta, Georgia, with the experienced providers at Dermatology Affiliates by calling (404) 816-7900.

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