VISIA® Skin Analysis

Dermatology Affiliates provides services to patients requiring the VISIA® skin analysis system in Buckhead, East Cobb and Midtown and the surrounding communities of Atlanta and Marietta, GA. Our board-certified dermatologists can take an accurate look at the condition and characteristics of each patient’s skin to determine the best treatments to restore a younger, healthier complexion.

What is VISIA® Skin Care Analysis?

VISIA® skin analysis is an advanced technology that takes digital photographs to give an up-close view of your skin’s characteristics. After this pain-free and fast analysis, our team will use the information they discover to create a personalized treatment program specifically designed to restore the skin’s health. VISIA® Analysis is ideal for:

  • Assessing skin characteristics for damage
  • Designing skin treatment plans
  • Analyzing your skin’s progress and response to treatment
  • Comparing skin analysis to an average for people of same age, skin type, and gender

How Does VISIA® Skin Analysis Work?

The pain-free VISIA® skin analysis only takes a few minutes to be performed. During the process, the patient begins with a thorough cleaning of their face. This helps to remove all contaminants that could potentially affect the quality of their photographs. Once the cleansing process is complete, the patient then sits in a specially designed VISIA® imaging booth where multiple photographs can be taken. Using these photographs, a computerized rendering of the patient’s skin is created. These images that are based on the cutting-edge technology will reveal to our team and the patient common skin problems such as sunspots and discoloration. Once the results are reviewed, our team customizes a skin rejuvenation program specifically for each patient. With your VISIA® results, we identify the most urgent skin problems, make recommendations for treatment and develop a timeline for reaching cosmetic goals. We will also redo the VISIA® analysis throughout the skin rejuvenation program to track anti-aging improvements over time.

How Long Does VISIA® Skin Analysis Take?

The VISIA® skin analysis takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Will I Experience Any Discomfort During The Session?

There is no discomfort or pain during the session because VISIA® is non-invasive and only takes specialized images of your skin’s condition.

How Often Should VISIA® Be Performed?

VISIA® is typically performed only once for diagnostic purposes, but can be done on a continuous basis in order to monitor progress following treatments.