Vanquish RF™ Fat Removal System



What is Vanquish RF™ Fat Removal System?

Vanquish RF™ is a cutting-edge body contouring treatment that transmits energy from radio frequencies into the skin's fat layers without permitting it to reach other areas. The technology behind Vanquish RF™ allows us to target large areas for treatment without the risk of overheating internal organs or muscles or blistering or burning the skin. After participating in several treatments, you will see an obvious reduction of fat in the areas we treated. Therefore, Vanquish RF™ is the perfect solution for individuals who have stubborn layers of fat resistant to diet and exercise.

Vanquish RF™ Fat Removal System FAQs

The Vanquish RF™ device is strategically positioned on targeted areas of patients’ waist and abdomen and emits radio frequency waves to heat the outer layers of the skin to approximately 101° with deeper layers reaching 120°. The device's advanced technology distinguishes between muscle and fat and inhibits the waves from penetrating deep enough to damage or affect internal organs.

It takes approximately half an hour to complete each Vanquish RF™ treatment. We recommend a minimum of four full treatments so that clients can achieve the best results.

Vanquish RF™ treatments are painless and do not require any anesthesia prior to the procedure. Most people describe the feeling as similar to that experienced when they sit underneath a sun lamp.

There is no downtime or recovery time with Vanquish RF™ treatments, making it possible to return to normal activities after each treatment session. It is recommended that patients consume additional water before and after each treatment to help the body flush out destroyed fat cells. Finally, the areas we treat may appear a bit red for a few hours to a few days but goes away quickly.

Certain patients may notice immediate results following their initial Vanquish RF™ treatment. Others may not see any visible reduction in the targeted areas for several weeks because destroyed fat cells must be excreted from the body naturally.

Vanquish RF™ treatment costs vary from person to person; depending on how much therapy is necessary to achieve the desired results. Please schedule your initial consultation and a member of our helpful staff will discuss the price associated with the treatments and inform you of all our available payment options.

Do not hesitate to contact us to speak with a qualified provider at our office. During the appointment, a professional will evaluate your body and discuss your goals and let you know if Vanquish RF™ is a suitable treatment.