Total Body Photography

Total Body Photography is a living document of your skin. Dermatology Affiliates offers this service at our Buckhead office, in which we document your moles with a series of 25 photographs to keep track of your changing skin.

What is Total Body Photography?

Total Body Photography (TBP) is the phrase used to define the taking of photographs of the entire body so that our board-certified dermatologists are able to collect a comprehensive record of all lesions (spots) on the body. This is important, in that it allows for easy examination, documentation, and observation of your skin and for imperative future comparisons. Dermatology Affiliates is proud to offer this service to all our patients in the greater Atlanta area who have multiple lesions that are difficult to monitor, and anyone who would like a photographic account of their moles for their own records.

How is this Helpful?

  • You own the pictures as hard copies and digital files to reprint in the future if needed.
  • You can check your own moles against the photos anytime at home.
  • Your physician can write notes indicating moles removed and new ones on the document.
  • Always available if you move or change physicians.

What to Wear

  • Comfortable, easily removable clothes.
  • Clean, relatively brief underwear.
  • For women, bras are optional but not recommended.
  • Makeup and jewelry should be kept at a minimum
  • Long hair should be tied back.

What to Expect

  • You will undress to your underwear in a private room.
  • While standing, a number of photographs of your skin will be taken in about 25 set positions.
  • Additional close-up photographs of any particular areas of concern may need to be taken.

Contact us to schedule your one-hour appointment for $350 and get this potentially lifesaving documentation today.